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Our newest offering to SOS membership will be a National Survey.  Designed by Jim Pugh using the best practices he has learned over the years, it will be efficient in the data collected, and extensive in the usefulness of the results.  Data will be collected at different points of the school year cycle, so important information is in the user’s hands as quickly as possible.

The National Survey is designed to offer schools the real world data they need to make their business decisions.  Comparative data with schools throughout the nation will have the option of cost of living indexed into the results.  Schools will be able to form groups with other schools in order to provide comparative benchmark data with schools of similar size, structure, mission, or financial resources.

One size does not fit all.  We realize that.  Jim Pugh and his SOS Stats Team are focused on providing data that has been scrubbed, is reliable, and offers results that are easy to understand.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to provide your Head of School and Board of Directors with the perspective they need to make annual and long-range decisions in a sound manner.

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So, why use SOS Stats?
  1. Custom data collection
  2. Active data scrubbing
  3. Turn data in multiple formats
  4. Third-party confidentiality
  5. Oracle-based technology
  6. Single survey platform

We love to share our work with others.  To learn more about SOS Stats, contact Amy Myers, Director of SOS, at

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