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Benefits of SOS Membership

SOS Membership + Your School = Success

A simple mission with powerful results:  Focused on School’s, School Office Services is a membership community offering training, resources and support in the areas of school governance and building high performing teams.

The business operations of a school are often burdensome and overwhelming.  With limited staff and complex regulations, SOS members have somewhere to turn when they need a professional sounding board or best practice guidance that does not warrant a call to an attorney.

As I began my journey as the Director of SOS, two years ago, the future was uncertain.  Today I am excited about the direction we are heading and passionate about continuing to help our members navigate school leadership and best practice business solutions that result in high performing teams.  It is my belief that when you have a high performing, well-educated team, the students you serve are the ultimate beneficiaries. That is what brought me to the field of education and why I am still here today.

As a recipient of the 2015 “Small Company Leadership Excellence Award” SOS understands the business operations of a school are often overwhelming and complex, especially if you have limited staff.  SOS is a trusted resource schools have depended on for the last 15 years and is recognized for the innovative business design and trusted network of partners that sets us apart from others.

For a low annual fee, members have unlimited access to our robust library of resources, a professional staff ready to help, and reliable data to benchmark your school’s business operations.  Membership to SOS enables the entire staff to tap into the valuable resources anytime from anywhere.  Membership to SOS benefits your entire school.  From the Head of School and Board of Directors to mid-senior level management and business operations personnel, membership to SOS offers unbiased support from a third party (SOS Staff) to help you navigate what it takes to run a high performing school.