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10 Questions To Consider Before Embarking On A Social Media Strategy

We are coming unstuck with the gift that is social media and here’s why. We often forget that social media is not the same as advertising, that it is not just a collective of platforms we use to blast messages at people. Then there is our obsession about the tactics. The question I hear asked of social media experts every day is;
“Which social media platform should I be focusing on?”

Here’s the thing—the platforms you choose and the reasons you choose them are tactical. You cannot think tactics before you have a strategy and reasons for that policy (beyond I just need to sell more stuff). Here then are ten questions that will help you get beyond the tactics.

 10 issues to Consider Before Embarking On A Social Media Strategy

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What do they care about?
  3. Where and when do they spend their time online?
  4. Why are they there?
  5. What do they do there?
  6. How does my message serve them in this context?
  7. Why will they care about what I have to say, serve or sell?
  8. How can I add value, inform, educate and inspire them?
  9. Why am I reaching out to them (do I have a bigger purpose than a single bottom line)?
  10. What are my goals—what results am I expecting?

The tools and the tactics do not matter so much as the intention of using them.  If you keep that in mind, stay true to your schools mission, and promote the great work being happening on your campus, you successfully implement a Social Media Strategy that works.

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